Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fatty food!

So lets start back with something I consumed allot of lately.
Fatty food!

New research at the university of California suggests that fatty food actual cause a "munchies" effect in our brains causing us to continue to eat.

Endocannabinoids are the bodies natural version of the active ingredient in marijuana, it causes the same effects one gets from marijuana but normally things like dampening emotion and the need to eat.

To study these effects sets of rats where given one of three liquid diets
A protein mix, a sugar mix, and a fat based protein/sugar mix.
To avoid interference from digestive signals a valve as set up in the rats upper stomach to drain the food before digestion.

The rats on the regular diet ate a normal serving of the oil and then stopped, rats on the fat based corn oil continued to consume the oil and then began attempting to get oil out of the dispenser until an artificial chemical that suppresses endocannabinoids was given.

The research is exciting because it shows that we may be able to curb over-eating with a drug that blocks or suppresses endocannabinoids. It also goes to show that fatty food does in fact MAKE you hungry after you eat it. Who knew?

Check the full story at: Sciencenews

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