Monday, July 11, 2011


3/4 of all dream emotions are negative emotions.
Now the difference between a bad dream and a nightmare is that a nightmare is something that causes you to wake up where as a bad dream you can just sleep through.

Now bad dreams are very environmental, a person in their own home will have in some cases three times more nightmares than if they where in a sleep study test room.

Now negative emotions in dreams is common because the part of your brain designated to deal with stress is directly linked to the primary visual cortex which is where REM sleep happens.

I have been having reoccouring nightmares lately so just thought I would write out what I knew about nightmares.



  1. I think I've never had a nightmare, just some bad dreams.

  2. I don't have nightmares a lot, but more dreams where I do wake up pissed off at someone.


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