Friday, April 29, 2011


One of our commenters @Vilvos posted on my previous post where I stated
"There are no Royal bloodlines in Atoms or in galaxies, there is just matter."
with a reply that was just so funny it needed front page.

but there ARE noble gasses.

Check out @Vilvos at

Only a few hours till the launch of the Life project!

There are only a few hours left on the countdown, however for now the whole world is looking at the royal wedding!
Well Good luck Prince whats his face and whatchacallher middleton.. I could have just goodled their names but I am lazy..

Just did its William and Kate.
There you go now I know something about it.. yet I still don't think its that important. Marriage is great and its a huge expenditure of money sure, but what I care about is him ruling a country.. Not who he is marrying, people argue that she shall be the queen one day, sure and when she is maybe I will care.

Its not important stop talking about it.

And on that note I would like to leave you with this.

We are all made of starstuff, we where born of the cosmos and when our planet dies so too shall we become the cosmos once again.
There are no Royal bloodlines in Atoms or in galaxies, there is just matter.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LIFE project

Just a reminder that this Friday is the day we test Transpermia on the life project!

Check it out!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So its 12:25 in the afternoon and I am already fairly well into my beers.
But lets recap.

It all started a few weeks ago my friend came up with the crazy idea of not drinking for a few days, well that ended up becoming lets not drink on a public holiday! (we where drunk when this was decided)

And so came the first holiday since, Easter.

So Thursday 1 night before Easter, I started drinking from getting out of bed onwards.
I was hosting a get drunk so we can be sober party! (yes that's what we decided it was called) and I ended up getting close to 20 people in on this idea of sober for the holidays.

About 2 hours into our party my friend brought out what he calls "The plasma grenade"


You will need.
Lots of red bull
Lots of Jeigermeister
A shot of Tequila
A jug
two same size tumblers (glasses)
two shot glasses.

Now assemble the Grenade by pouring a shot of jeiger and a shot of tequila into two shot glasses and balancing them in a glass of red bull with the tequila shot higher up than the jeiger.
This means when you take your Tequila shot out of the glass it drops your jeiger into the red bull making a Jeiger-Bomb.

Now once your Grenade is assembled get another glass filled with just jeiger, and balance your Grenade with your jeiger glass in a jug filled with red bull with the Grenade higher so that when you take it out the glass with jeiger falls.

This makes the now dubbed PLASMA GRENADE.

It probably has some other name but we decided after making 4 of these in one night that it should be called the plasma grenade.

So the actual drinking part!

Take your shot of tequila, Chase with Jeiger Bomb, Chase with Jug sized Jeiger bomb!

Friday morning.
I had a huge hangover and no beer to help me get through it.
I had to rely on my old hang over trick before I discovered I could just get drunk and it would go away..

So me and my friends staggered to our local kebab shop and bought a kebab and a Gatorade each.

After that most of my friends decided to go home and sleep accept me and one other.

We decided to go to an all night playboy bunny party.
Good fun and good music happening there.
Unfortunately no drinking which was difficult but good because I went to the city on only $30!

That morning me and my friend went home and that morning got up and journeyed back to the city to go to yet ANOTHER night club.

Still no drinking allowed..

5AM rolls around and I have to get home.
But there are no buses!!
So I wait from 5am until 10AM for a bus in the freezing cold!
FREEZING COLD, get home at mid day, and first thing I want is a beer but no I have to wait another 12 hours.

I eat a huge amount of chocolate and dress up as the Easter bunny for my neighbourhood's kids! Which was something I wouldnt have done drunk i guess.

So then Anzac day (Easter monday), I had to drink, its anzac day so I went to dawn service and got amazingly drunk!
Then that night I went to disturbed which was a great concert and I enjoyed quite a bit of beer that night!

And then yesterday Tuesday public holiday, I stayed in bed all day, no drinking until Midnight! And I have been drinking since then!

No science today just a weird no drinking weekend!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

City and other fun!

So Ive spent the last three days in the city going to clubs to celebrate Easter, Im pretty hung over (even though I stayed sober 48 hours straight is not fun) but just updating so you all know that I am still alive and well!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rotating Potato actually gravity map of Earth

PLANETARY PULL from Science News on Vimeo.

^that there is a gravitational map of earth.

Gathered date from the European Space Agency’s GOCE satellite.
The satellite launched back in 2009 uses multiple accelerometers (like the one in your phone but much cooler) to measure exactly how the earths gravity is tugging on it.
The blue is the normal gravity and the red and yellow are deviations.

This new research is designed to help us better understand tidal currents and our earth as a whole..

This video has been lovingly named the "Rotating Potato" by many scientists.

Monday, April 18, 2011

NASA budget cuts leave ESA in the dust.

Two extremely vital astrophysics missions have fallen prey to NASA's strenuous budget cuts.

The first a mission to launch 3 identical craft designed to detect gravitational "waves" could have given new evidence proving that intense gravity (such as merging supermassive black holes) can ripple space time. This in turn would hold true and prove another facet of Einsteins special relativity.

The second a new Xray observatory, designed to detect even the earliest supermassive black holes.

But the NASA funding has been cut on both of these missions.
Why? you may ask?

Well Nasa's total funding works out at 1/4 of a penny per tax dollar.
Education works out at 1 penny per tax dollar and so on and so fourth.
But I say, If 1/4 penny of every tax dollar I spend goes to NASA, then I would just donate all of my tax to NASA (however I am not an American so that doesn't really affect me)

I know the country needs money for other things, but Most of NASA's money comes from private investors.

So now due to less tax revenue in the last few years coupled with so many natural disasters and the exuberant amount of money spent on defense NASA just can't keep up..

Man will pay the price for his pride if he believes technology can give him the powers of God.

The pope today has announced that he believes that technology is getting too advanced and so by using it we are all going to hell.
Well isn't that quaint.
"From the beginning men and women have been filled — and this is as true today as ever — with a desire to 'be like God', to attain the heights of God by their own powers. Mankind has managed to accomplish so many things: we can fly! We can see, hear and speak to one another from the farthest ends of the earth. And yet the force of gravity which draws us down is powerful." If man wanted a relationship with God he had to first "abandon the pride of wanting to become God."

This news comes only months after the pope accused the internet of creating more satanists than ever before in history.. Unfortunately the popes definition of satanists includes free thinkers and atheists.
Who would have guessed that something that brings more information to people easier would make less people believe in a religion?

I have said it before and ill say it again..
I don't like religion, and I don't like tomato, but neither is significant because too this day I only ask myself, "What are the facts?"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quantum State Teleportation!

A quantum particle reminiscent of Schrodinger's cat (Both alive and dead at the same time) has successfully been Teleported!
Or more correctly it had all of its quantum information transmitted using entangled light to another location accurately.

This is yet another step in the many steps required to building a home quantum computer, or even a Teleporter.

Sure we are still decades off, but its good too see work getting done.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is somewhat of a science celebrity.
Voted sexiest astrophysicist alive by time magazine.

I do love this man and I have been watching his videos all day too cheer me up.

Receiving information from this man is one of the major factors that made me scientifically minded.

I first heard about him by googling astrophysics, and I found his name came up often, this was a long time ago, whilst I was still in school.

I am still yet to have anyone actually hand me or even notice something by him, without having to find it myself.

It is a shame that we do not have that many science shows / radio stations here in Sydney.
So here I attempt to show you some of the lovely work Neil deGrasse Tson has done in order to generate public interest in science.
Below you will find an interview of him on Forum Network, very interesting stuff.

And now below you will find a link too his radio show. I suggest you listen too this if you have some spare time.. God I love podcasts


There is a whole bunch of stuff he has achieved, but the best way to find him, is to just search for it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

With all of the sadness lately.

With all the sadness lately..
I just needed to visit my old friend Carl Sagan.
Even the intro song makes me cry that this great man is dead..
Im actually crying right now whilst writing this..

I know that may seem sad..
But I love you Carl Sagan.
You are my god.

So in yet another tribute to this amazing man,
Here is the first scene in the epic journey of the cosmos.
I hope you will get this series, even if you just watch it all on youtube.

and to follow up with some more videos.
here is the latest symphony of science, entitled ode to the brain.

Go check out the symphony website, and watch all their music videos.

Radiation Scale explained!

7 – Major accident

Chernobyl Disaster
- We all know (at least I hope) of the Chernobyl catastrophe, 6000 dead within 4 years from the radiation, 31 dead from the initial blast, world wide radiation spread.
The worst contaminated areas getting a reading of above 200,000 roentgens per hour.
Now what is a roentgen you may ask? well even if I explain it, it wont mean as much as saying that at 500 roentgens over a 5 hour period (100 roentgens per hour) , you will die of radiation sickness within that time , the "normal dose" for a human to receive over a year from things like cell phones, cosmic rays and background radiation is about 0.023 roentgens per hour.

200,000 roentgens per hour is still being recorded in parts of Chernobyl, with a half life of 10 years and in some cases 25 years (strontium 90), often taking between 10 and 20 half lives to break down to "safe" levels, chernobyl may be inhabitable for 500-5000 years, Yeah that's not a type FIVE THOUSAND years for strontium 90..

That is the breadth of a level 7 catastrophe.
Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown.

The incident that's all over the news lately, but what does it mean?
Well it has been declared a level 7 incident.
This is an incident that has caused wide spread long term damage, that needs an extreme long term plan of action.

Fukushima now has a 20 km exclusion zone and a 30km volunteer evacuation zone outside that.

The widespread effects you may not have heard of yet however, Iodine-131 has been found in cows all across the United States of America, the cows are suspected to have eaten tainted grass, and although this amount is neither a health concern nor deadly, it is still present.
The more pressing concern was the discovery Cesium 134 and 137 as far away from japan as "Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Jiangshu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei and Ningxia in China, and in California, USA" -wikipedia
The reason this is concerning is that the half life of cesium is 30 years, with a ten year safe breakdown.
So it will infect target cells, and be a part of the food chain in these areas for another 300 years.
This can be a good and bad thing as it will cause mutations, some of those mutations may be a good evolutionary step, however most will just make it poisonous for human consumption.

6 – Serious accident

Kyshtym Disaster
The Kyshtym Disaster happened in 1957, and I am not all that familiar with it, so any information i can present too you would be purely off of the wikipedia page.
From what I can gather however is that a cooling tower exploded, and dumped 80 tonnes of radioactive material into the atmosphere..
(that's bad)

5 – Accident with wider consequences
The factors required for a level 5 are.

Impact on people and environment

This includes:

Limited release of radioactive ­material likely to require i­mplementation of some planned­ countermeasures.
Several deaths from ­radiation.


Impact on radiological barriers and control

Which includes:

Severe damage to reactor core.
Release of large quantities of radioactive material within an installation with a high probability of significant public exposure. This could arise from a major accident or fire.

The most common level 5 accident referenced is
3 Mile Island was a nuclear power plant in America that due to some design flaws and operator errors started to lose cooling fluid, leading to a melt down in one of its reactors.
Luckily due to good training and past experience death was kept to a minimum and nobody was seen as highly infected.. However the cultural affect (General media and such) was extremely widespread.

4 – Accident with local consequences
The factors required for a level 4 are split into two categories

Impact on people and environment
Minor release of radioactive material unlikely to result in implementation of planned countermeasures other than local food controls.
At least one death from radiation.

Impact on radiological barriers and control
Fuel melt or damage to fuel ­resulting in more than 0.1% release of core inventory.
Release of significant quantities of radioactive material within an installation with a high ­probability of significant public exposure.

An example includes a minor incident in Argentina, where a rod failed to insert correctly killing the operator and injuring two others.

3 – Serious incident

Serious incidents include things like stolen nuclear material and things like radiation burns to at least one person

2 – Incident

an incident is something like, a worker receives slightly more than the annual acceptable radiation limit.

1 – Anomaly

There is no real safety significance with an anomaly.

0 – Deviation (no safety significance)

Japanese Gov Detects new Dangerous Isotopes

The Japanese Government has just announced that it has detected strontium 89 and 90 in the soil around Fukushima, this is the first such detection since the incident last month.

Strontium 90 is a problem as it is a very nasty isotope, extremely dangerous, its half life is 30 years.. often taking 50 half lives too break down to safe levels, and it can be inhaled and accumulates all around the body.
It is linked to all sorts of cancers most notably bone cancer, and it is known to cause leukemia.

This discovery was made by the now massive relief effort attempting to remove some 200 tonnes of tainted water from the plant that was used to stop it from going into complete melt down.

And don't forget that it is now classified as a rank 7 nuclear catastrophe.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tattoo Removal

I always trust that lasers can do ANYTHING..
Even remove tattoo's
A fellow blogger of mine over at AlphaBetaLife just posted a video on how tattoo removal works,
instead of just commenting I thought I would put it up here and let my science friends reply up here.

Id never remove my tattoo but I spent a very long time getting them + designing them.
The one on my back is so far 4 hours work and im expecting another 4 or so to get it finished.. but i have wanted it since I was 9..
I dont see why someone would get something that they would regret later..

but on that topic I don't know why people would regret a tattoo.. unless they got it whilst drunk and even then, if it was a good idea whilst drunk its probably an ok idea whilst sober.

Even if you don't like it now, it was a part of your life then.. and that I think is important...

Well worth keeping sacred.

What do you guys think??
Also click the link too see the video explaining how tattoo removal works! Fascinating

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life inside black holes!

Vyacheslav I. Dokuchaev a quantum mechanics physicist at the university of moskow, has recently published a piece in
This new piece is the first step in him publishing his theory that super massive black holes (the ones that hold galaxies together) may be capable of harboring life.
He believes that the black holes do rotate and that the intense gravity may equalize inside it allowing bodies too orbit within the black hole.
As well the intense amount of light trapped within a black hole may be viewable from one of these planetary bodies providing a sort of sunlight.

The full quote is found below.

Inside the rotating or charged black holes there are bound periodic planetary orbits, which not coming out nor terminated at the central singularity. The stable periodic orbits inside black holes exist even for photons. We call these bound orbits by the orbits of the third kind, following to Chandrasekhar classification for particle orbits in the black hole gravitational field. It is shown that an existence domain for the third kind orbits is a rather spacious, and so there is a place for life inside the supermassive black holes in the galactic nuclei. The advanced civilizations of the third kind (according to Kardashev classification) may inhabit the interiors of supermassive black holes, being invisible from the outside and basking as in the light of the central singularity and the orbital photons.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Radiation warning level in japan.

The Radiation warning level has been raised from 5 to 7.
This may not mean much if you don't have any background with it but ill try to explain.
the three mile island incident Link was a rank 5.
The Chernobyl disaster Link was and is the only other rank 7 disaster in our history.

The scientists who raised the level say that the amount of radiation is not as much as the Chernobyl incident however another reactor caught fire this morning and they believe it is time to raise it to full scale nuclear disaster.

50 Years of Yuri!

As you may know! or for those of you who don't google have a lovely doodle today commemorating the 50 year aniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin, if you don't know who this man is check out our Previous post Link about the tragic story of Yuri Gagarin's friend Vladamir Komarov, and the heroic tale of Yuri Gagarin himself. The first man into space to return successfully!
So I ask you to say the heroic chant of lift off with me "Poyekhali" or in english "Here we go"

And let us not forget his famous words from space
"I see no god up here"

Theory of Life in the Universe.

Adrian Kent of the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, in Ontario, has come up with a new theory as too why we have yet to find extra-terrestrial life.
Kent's idea is that in terms of survival of the fittest (which is the commonly accepted theory of evolution), on a universal scale, the quietest species are the ones that thrive in the universe.

For example, we where unable to detect (and therefore destroy) microbial life for a very long time, them remaining quiet and undetectable left us (on the outside the more intelligent species) unable to do anything about them.

So on a galactic scale if a species can go relatively unnoticed by more dominant species then they are less likely to be taken over.. And so therefore according to survival of the fittest will continue to thrive.

My longstanding theory is that we are the first, there has always had to be a "First" and I believe that we are them, I only subscribe to this theory because it makes me feel special, like I am a pioneer.. but when I bring myself back to being a sane and happy human, I like to go grander and say that somewhere out there.. in the great expanse of space and time, there is a species like us, but thousands of years advanced, waiting to welcome us into our sci-fi fantasy.

Id just like to add to this post something that my friend mentioned after reading my draft of this..

He said that most scientists and even regular humans view first contact as being the most important date in the timeline of mankind, he also pointed out that the Gregorian calendar starts at 0 based on an the most important date to the Gregorian's (Gregorian's being Christians) and that the 0 is the year of Christs (birth or execution not sure here) but at any rate, he believes that the calendars should should logically start from 0 again, with 0 being first contact. so BC will be before contact and AC will be after contact.

What are your thoughts leave us a comment below, what do you think about alien life??

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doctor doctor!

I somehow think my doctor forged her medical license...

Now I am not a medical professional, and I in no way disrespect how difficult the job can be however let me tell you a story...

I went to the doctor after my accident and she said too me.
You have whiplash
(Ok I do have whiplash)
And neurological resonance... now I get what she was TRYING too say, but that phrase doesn't even show up in a google let alone in a medical journal, maybe I have come to expect my doctors too be more precise, but what she was trying too say was that im in shock or something like that and my mind keeps replaying it (hence why I constantly smell airbag fumes and am getting headaches)..

Its kind of odd too be honest... I feel fine and then all of a sudden i get dizzy and fall over and all I can smell is aerosol..

I think maybe I should get a new doctors opinion... My doctor in the past is known too have said things like, "Eh it just needs a bandaid" That particular occassion I still have a very large scar across my leg.. :S

Or the time I went to her with Onychomycosis (thats a fungal infection of the toenail to us normal people) she told me that it was cosmetic damage from me breaking my foot and that it would never be the same again..
Albeit it was cosmetic damage, and I did get it after breaking my foot.. she could have said a simple cream would have fixed it.. not let me live in embarrassment for over a year!

What about you guys? Do you always trust what the doctor tells you?? Or do you have horror stories of your own?

They say laughter is the best medicine also so leave me some jokes in the comments!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whole world.

Seems like the whole world is stopping me posting.

I was in a car crash two days ago, no deaths, but I now me and my buddy have severe whiplash, a tree has been killed and his car is now 5 grand in debt.


Anyway ill keep you updated on whats going on.. but realistically i may be afk for a while.

I love you all and thank you for your support!

Monday, April 4, 2011


I know this seems like an unrelated thing to my usual science posts, but here we go.

I have been sporting a mohawk for a few years now.. 3 or 4 perhaps.

Yep thats me, last year.. my mohawk is now a bit longer and I style it thicker but you get the idea.

My problem is,

I see many people posting advice on how to do mohawks or ideas on how to style them correctly.

Well with a few years experience I wish to shed my light on the situation.

I dont have pictures to go along with this, ill add them if I find a way to take them..

Step 1.)

Get some good hair spray, I pick mine up from coles its called schwarzkopf extra hold.. I pick it up fairly cheap but any extra strength hair spray will do.

Now from here there are a few options..

The correct way,
the incorrect but easy way,
the big way.

So the correct way,

Grab a comb and and brush your hair, then go to the middle of your hair, back of your head area.
Grab your hair with the comb and hold the hair up.

Spray the base of your hair, including holding the spray can against your hair spraying into the middle, and spray all around, continuing to hold the hair up.

Now use a hair dryer (blow dryer) on high heat with low blowing power. Dry it!
Then repeat on that same section, combing up, spraying drying.
now move onto the next section of hair, repeat.

You keep doing that until your hair has shape and volume. More hairspray more drying.


The wrong (but easy) way

Brush your hair

now spray your hair and use a straightener to pull your hair up and straighten..

Continue to do this to the rest of your hair..


You will break straighteners doing this.. allot of them, proper cleaning of them is required to extend life but you will cake them over...

So use cheap straighteners..

This method is the easiest, and takes the least time especially with hair as long as mine.

Finally the big way!

This is my new favorite way.

Its the same as the first way I mentioned, accept instead of using a comb I use a brush..

This took a huge amount of practice but it is doable..

It looks massive!



I have discovered an easy way to do liberty spikes,
Get about 7 rubber bands, 1 for each spike you wish too do..

now part your hair using the rubber bands, part them into spikes.

Now, grab each spike held by the rubber band at the bottom and pull up just enough to lift your scalp, spray into the middle of your hair, and then around your hair.. Followed by blow drying,
slowly lift the rubber band to the middle of the spike, and continue to spray and dry, making sure to keep the band holds tight..

Spray and dry until your spike is strong enough to stand up without you holding it anymore.
then do all the other spikes..

At this point you will have the bottom of each spike done and the top not done..

Fun fact, Do the top now, remembering to take the rubber band off before proceeding.

Easy peasy!


Anyway, if you guys have better ways too do it I am all ears.

Minecraft and Uranium.

So its been 3 Days since I started playing minecraft again.. I haven't done anything other than try to build my own minecraft periodic table of elements.. Its hard work but ill get there.
Anyway to tide you over..
What is your favorite element and why?

Mine is Uranium.. Simply because it has so many uses and so many different types of it.

Uranium comes in many colors, Gray (rock form), Yellow (Yellow Cake), Green (Ionized bars)
And is very pretty, and can be amazingly deadly.

It can be used to make bullets, (Depleted uranium shells)

It glows when subjected to UV light,

It used to be used as a dye when building large buildings as it dyes things yellow.. This has been dated back too the year 79 CE.

And finally as weaponized Uranium. as seen below

I love you Uranium.