Monday, April 11, 2011

Theory of Life in the Universe.

Adrian Kent of the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, in Ontario, has come up with a new theory as too why we have yet to find extra-terrestrial life.
Kent's idea is that in terms of survival of the fittest (which is the commonly accepted theory of evolution), on a universal scale, the quietest species are the ones that thrive in the universe.

For example, we where unable to detect (and therefore destroy) microbial life for a very long time, them remaining quiet and undetectable left us (on the outside the more intelligent species) unable to do anything about them.

So on a galactic scale if a species can go relatively unnoticed by more dominant species then they are less likely to be taken over.. And so therefore according to survival of the fittest will continue to thrive.

My longstanding theory is that we are the first, there has always had to be a "First" and I believe that we are them, I only subscribe to this theory because it makes me feel special, like I am a pioneer.. but when I bring myself back to being a sane and happy human, I like to go grander and say that somewhere out there.. in the great expanse of space and time, there is a species like us, but thousands of years advanced, waiting to welcome us into our sci-fi fantasy.

Id just like to add to this post something that my friend mentioned after reading my draft of this..

He said that most scientists and even regular humans view first contact as being the most important date in the timeline of mankind, he also pointed out that the Gregorian calendar starts at 0 based on an the most important date to the Gregorian's (Gregorian's being Christians) and that the 0 is the year of Christs (birth or execution not sure here) but at any rate, he believes that the calendars should should logically start from 0 again, with 0 being first contact. so BC will be before contact and AC will be after contact.

What are your thoughts leave us a comment below, what do you think about alien life??


  1. That sounds about right to me, but it's not going to happen in our lifetimes, even if it does happen

  2. unfortunately it probably won't happen in our lifetime.. But I like to think that in 40 years from now I can transport my brain into the body of a robot.


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