Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life inside black holes!

Vyacheslav I. Dokuchaev a quantum mechanics physicist at the university of moskow, has recently published a piece in arxiv.org.
This new piece is the first step in him publishing his theory that super massive black holes (the ones that hold galaxies together) may be capable of harboring life.
He believes that the black holes do rotate and that the intense gravity may equalize inside it allowing bodies too orbit within the black hole.
As well the intense amount of light trapped within a black hole may be viewable from one of these planetary bodies providing a sort of sunlight.

The full quote is found below.

Inside the rotating or charged black holes there are bound periodic planetary orbits, which not coming out nor terminated at the central singularity. The stable periodic orbits inside black holes exist even for photons. We call these bound orbits by the orbits of the third kind, following to Chandrasekhar classification for particle orbits in the black hole gravitational field. It is shown that an existence domain for the third kind orbits is a rather spacious, and so there is a place for life inside the supermassive black holes in the galactic nuclei. The advanced civilizations of the third kind (according to Kardashev classification) may inhabit the interiors of supermassive black holes, being invisible from the outside and basking as in the light of the central singularity and the orbital photons.


  1. This is really impressive! Cool stuff to think about


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