Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So its 12:25 in the afternoon and I am already fairly well into my beers.
But lets recap.

It all started a few weeks ago my friend came up with the crazy idea of not drinking for a few days, well that ended up becoming lets not drink on a public holiday! (we where drunk when this was decided)

And so came the first holiday since, Easter.

So Thursday 1 night before Easter, I started drinking from getting out of bed onwards.
I was hosting a get drunk so we can be sober party! (yes that's what we decided it was called) and I ended up getting close to 20 people in on this idea of sober for the holidays.

About 2 hours into our party my friend brought out what he calls "The plasma grenade"


You will need.
Lots of red bull
Lots of Jeigermeister
A shot of Tequila
A jug
two same size tumblers (glasses)
two shot glasses.

Now assemble the Grenade by pouring a shot of jeiger and a shot of tequila into two shot glasses and balancing them in a glass of red bull with the tequila shot higher up than the jeiger.
This means when you take your Tequila shot out of the glass it drops your jeiger into the red bull making a Jeiger-Bomb.

Now once your Grenade is assembled get another glass filled with just jeiger, and balance your Grenade with your jeiger glass in a jug filled with red bull with the Grenade higher so that when you take it out the glass with jeiger falls.

This makes the now dubbed PLASMA GRENADE.

It probably has some other name but we decided after making 4 of these in one night that it should be called the plasma grenade.

So the actual drinking part!

Take your shot of tequila, Chase with Jeiger Bomb, Chase with Jug sized Jeiger bomb!

Friday morning.
I had a huge hangover and no beer to help me get through it.
I had to rely on my old hang over trick before I discovered I could just get drunk and it would go away..

So me and my friends staggered to our local kebab shop and bought a kebab and a Gatorade each.

After that most of my friends decided to go home and sleep accept me and one other.

We decided to go to an all night playboy bunny party.
Good fun and good music happening there.
Unfortunately no drinking which was difficult but good because I went to the city on only $30!

That morning me and my friend went home and that morning got up and journeyed back to the city to go to yet ANOTHER night club.

Still no drinking allowed..

5AM rolls around and I have to get home.
But there are no buses!!
So I wait from 5am until 10AM for a bus in the freezing cold!
FREEZING COLD, get home at mid day, and first thing I want is a beer but no I have to wait another 12 hours.

I eat a huge amount of chocolate and dress up as the Easter bunny for my neighbourhood's kids! Which was something I wouldnt have done drunk i guess.

So then Anzac day (Easter monday), I had to drink, its anzac day so I went to dawn service and got amazingly drunk!
Then that night I went to disturbed which was a great concert and I enjoyed quite a bit of beer that night!

And then yesterday Tuesday public holiday, I stayed in bed all day, no drinking until Midnight! And I have been drinking since then!

No science today just a weird no drinking weekend!!


  1. Lol, your lifestyle lately is totally badass, surprised you can even recall every single thing that happened.

  2. Man it takes months of practice haha!

  3. Chasing strong shots with stronger shots followed by the source of the strong shots. I like you're style.

  4. I'll stick with the occasional Jaegerbomb. Why add all the extra stuff when just two ingredients will do?

  5. The Plasma Grenade is just like a giant jaeger bomb.
    Also I dont believe in the AA as they are a christian run organization, not that they don't do good work, but their whole 12 step program is based on praying too God.

  6. ^Also I got the reference "Im not an alcoholic alcoholics go to meetings" and I did laugh

  7. this sounds like it could be a good time


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