Thursday, April 7, 2011

Doctor doctor!

I somehow think my doctor forged her medical license...

Now I am not a medical professional, and I in no way disrespect how difficult the job can be however let me tell you a story...

I went to the doctor after my accident and she said too me.
You have whiplash
(Ok I do have whiplash)
And neurological resonance... now I get what she was TRYING too say, but that phrase doesn't even show up in a google let alone in a medical journal, maybe I have come to expect my doctors too be more precise, but what she was trying too say was that im in shock or something like that and my mind keeps replaying it (hence why I constantly smell airbag fumes and am getting headaches)..

Its kind of odd too be honest... I feel fine and then all of a sudden i get dizzy and fall over and all I can smell is aerosol..

I think maybe I should get a new doctors opinion... My doctor in the past is known too have said things like, "Eh it just needs a bandaid" That particular occassion I still have a very large scar across my leg.. :S

Or the time I went to her with Onychomycosis (thats a fungal infection of the toenail to us normal people) she told me that it was cosmetic damage from me breaking my foot and that it would never be the same again..
Albeit it was cosmetic damage, and I did get it after breaking my foot.. she could have said a simple cream would have fixed it.. not let me live in embarrassment for over a year!

What about you guys? Do you always trust what the doctor tells you?? Or do you have horror stories of your own?

They say laughter is the best medicine also so leave me some jokes in the comments!


  1. I rarely go to the doc but than again I rarely get hurt or feel sick.

  2. I get injured allot... Falling off ladders, jumping out of buildings, consuming poison beverages.

  3. ouch, better take care of yourself better !

  4. I feel like this more times than I should with my doctors....but so far nothing has gone wrong.

  5. Oh wow, I've done some stupid stuff as well. Hope ya get to feeling better!

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  7. Yeah barium solution tastes disgusting.

  8. It's okay to see the doctor often, I remember in HS, my mom kept making me see the doctor when I faked sick

  9. Yeah, oh all those fake trips too the doctor as a kid!

  10. I never trust doctors and do my own research in addition. Most doctors are businessmen

  11. Its always nice to find new blogs to follow! keep up the posts:)


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