Monday, April 4, 2011

Minecraft and Uranium.

So its been 3 Days since I started playing minecraft again.. I haven't done anything other than try to build my own minecraft periodic table of elements.. Its hard work but ill get there.
Anyway to tide you over..
What is your favorite element and why?

Mine is Uranium.. Simply because it has so many uses and so many different types of it.

Uranium comes in many colors, Gray (rock form), Yellow (Yellow Cake), Green (Ionized bars)
And is very pretty, and can be amazingly deadly.

It can be used to make bullets, (Depleted uranium shells)

It glows when subjected to UV light,

It used to be used as a dye when building large buildings as it dyes things yellow.. This has been dated back too the year 79 CE.

And finally as weaponized Uranium. as seen below

I love you Uranium.


  1. I didnt knew shit was going so deep with minecraft!

  2. Minecraft doesnt go that deep, but the whole idea of elements fascinated me so thats why I posted.

  3. never plaied minecraft. is it hard?

  4. Its basically you start out in a sand box and just go for your life.. its not hard its just fun.


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