Monday, April 4, 2011


I know this seems like an unrelated thing to my usual science posts, but here we go.

I have been sporting a mohawk for a few years now.. 3 or 4 perhaps.

Yep thats me, last year.. my mohawk is now a bit longer and I style it thicker but you get the idea.

My problem is,

I see many people posting advice on how to do mohawks or ideas on how to style them correctly.

Well with a few years experience I wish to shed my light on the situation.

I dont have pictures to go along with this, ill add them if I find a way to take them..

Step 1.)

Get some good hair spray, I pick mine up from coles its called schwarzkopf extra hold.. I pick it up fairly cheap but any extra strength hair spray will do.

Now from here there are a few options..

The correct way,
the incorrect but easy way,
the big way.

So the correct way,

Grab a comb and and brush your hair, then go to the middle of your hair, back of your head area.
Grab your hair with the comb and hold the hair up.

Spray the base of your hair, including holding the spray can against your hair spraying into the middle, and spray all around, continuing to hold the hair up.

Now use a hair dryer (blow dryer) on high heat with low blowing power. Dry it!
Then repeat on that same section, combing up, spraying drying.
now move onto the next section of hair, repeat.

You keep doing that until your hair has shape and volume. More hairspray more drying.


The wrong (but easy) way

Brush your hair

now spray your hair and use a straightener to pull your hair up and straighten..

Continue to do this to the rest of your hair..


You will break straighteners doing this.. allot of them, proper cleaning of them is required to extend life but you will cake them over...

So use cheap straighteners..

This method is the easiest, and takes the least time especially with hair as long as mine.

Finally the big way!

This is my new favorite way.

Its the same as the first way I mentioned, accept instead of using a comb I use a brush..

This took a huge amount of practice but it is doable..

It looks massive!



I have discovered an easy way to do liberty spikes,
Get about 7 rubber bands, 1 for each spike you wish too do..

now part your hair using the rubber bands, part them into spikes.

Now, grab each spike held by the rubber band at the bottom and pull up just enough to lift your scalp, spray into the middle of your hair, and then around your hair.. Followed by blow drying,
slowly lift the rubber band to the middle of the spike, and continue to spray and dry, making sure to keep the band holds tight..

Spray and dry until your spike is strong enough to stand up without you holding it anymore.
then do all the other spikes..

At this point you will have the bottom of each spike done and the top not done..

Fun fact, Do the top now, remembering to take the rubber band off before proceeding.

Easy peasy!


Anyway, if you guys have better ways too do it I am all ears.


  1. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  2. That's a long time to have mohawk. That is commitment.

  3. Well, at least now i know HOW to do it, regardless of whether or not i actually DECIDE to give myself a 'hawk. Btw, i'm looking for $upport.

  4. Mohawks aren't for me. Some people can rock them well though!


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