Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tattoo Removal

I always trust that lasers can do ANYTHING..
Even remove tattoo's
A fellow blogger of mine over at AlphaBetaLife just posted a video on how tattoo removal works,
instead of just commenting I thought I would put it up here and let my science friends reply up here.

Id never remove my tattoo but I spent a very long time getting them + designing them.
The one on my back is so far 4 hours work and im expecting another 4 or so to get it finished.. but i have wanted it since I was 9..
I dont see why someone would get something that they would regret later..

but on that topic I don't know why people would regret a tattoo.. unless they got it whilst drunk and even then, if it was a good idea whilst drunk its probably an ok idea whilst sober.

Even if you don't like it now, it was a part of your life then.. and that I think is important...

Well worth keeping sacred.

What do you guys think??
Also click the link too see the video explaining how tattoo removal works! Fascinating


  1. Some people just get them on a whim, then realize it was a huge mistake as having ink is detrimental to their careers. One of my friends does modeling and knows that rather well

  2. Some people can't get a job :D

  3. Probably because people are just stupid, and do things they regret later. People who actually think it through don't need to get tattoo's removed, because they did what they wanted to do, and they stick with it.

  4. i have tattoos and i never want them to get removed!

  5. i want two revolvers on my collar bones and the shape of California somewhere on my body. probly my ribs

  6. oh you have no idea what drunk ppl are capable of.

  7. @necroticism I cant get a job either :) but that's why my tattoo's are hidden, i wouldn't get a tattoo i couldn't hide until I have the perfect job that I wanna stay in for the rest of my life.

    @sporktar yeah, but then again ive seen some people get some SERIOUS ink removed.. it may be because of the career thing that @Apo976 mentioned. but yeah I agree with you... I regret a lot of things but id never undo them, especially not my art.

    @izzfoshizzz am I too assume that you are Californian then haha? Explain too me how state wide patriotism works, in australia allot of people are very AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, I understand that, and allot of people are very GO (respective state) But I never see a NSW tattoo, (the state shapes are kind of dull) but you do often see Australia shaped tattoo's.. Do you get many America shaped tattoos or is it all state shaped??

  8. @aamir oh trust me, when it comes too drunk I have plenty idea.. Drinking is Australias national passtime..
    and I am one mean alcoholic haha!

    However in australia you can't get a tattoo when drunk.. its against the law... so youd has to go somewhere dodgy..

  9. i have thug life across my belly

  10. Tattoos should have thought behind them if it was a drunken mistake then that is a story to later tell, no matter how embarrassing. And the video was very informative thanks for linking to it.

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