Monday, April 18, 2011

NASA budget cuts leave ESA in the dust.

Two extremely vital astrophysics missions have fallen prey to NASA's strenuous budget cuts.

The first a mission to launch 3 identical craft designed to detect gravitational "waves" could have given new evidence proving that intense gravity (such as merging supermassive black holes) can ripple space time. This in turn would hold true and prove another facet of Einsteins special relativity.

The second a new Xray observatory, designed to detect even the earliest supermassive black holes.

But the NASA funding has been cut on both of these missions.
Why? you may ask?

Well Nasa's total funding works out at 1/4 of a penny per tax dollar.
Education works out at 1 penny per tax dollar and so on and so fourth.
But I say, If 1/4 penny of every tax dollar I spend goes to NASA, then I would just donate all of my tax to NASA (however I am not an American so that doesn't really affect me)

I know the country needs money for other things, but Most of NASA's money comes from private investors.

So now due to less tax revenue in the last few years coupled with so many natural disasters and the exuberant amount of money spent on defense NASA just can't keep up..


  1. Its a shame that NASA isn't getting the funding that it needs, and deserves. Just hope that they don't cut funding to it completely.

  2. If I was an American citizen I would want more than 1/4 of a penny to go to fund NASA... unlike defense which gets something like 40c


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