Monday, April 18, 2011

Man will pay the price for his pride if he believes technology can give him the powers of God.

The pope today has announced that he believes that technology is getting too advanced and so by using it we are all going to hell.
Well isn't that quaint.
"From the beginning men and women have been filled — and this is as true today as ever — with a desire to 'be like God', to attain the heights of God by their own powers. Mankind has managed to accomplish so many things: we can fly! We can see, hear and speak to one another from the farthest ends of the earth. And yet the force of gravity which draws us down is powerful." If man wanted a relationship with God he had to first "abandon the pride of wanting to become God."

This news comes only months after the pope accused the internet of creating more satanists than ever before in history.. Unfortunately the popes definition of satanists includes free thinkers and atheists.
Who would have guessed that something that brings more information to people easier would make less people believe in a religion?

I have said it before and ill say it again..
I don't like religion, and I don't like tomato, but neither is significant because too this day I only ask myself, "What are the facts?"

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  1. i enjoy having power the more power i have the better most of the time money=power


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