Monday, April 11, 2011

Radiation warning level in japan.

The Radiation warning level has been raised from 5 to 7.
This may not mean much if you don't have any background with it but ill try to explain.
the three mile island incident Link was a rank 5.
The Chernobyl disaster Link was and is the only other rank 7 disaster in our history.

The scientists who raised the level say that the amount of radiation is not as much as the Chernobyl incident however another reactor caught fire this morning and they believe it is time to raise it to full scale nuclear disaster.


  1. That's so sad, they just can't catch a break at all over there.

  2. Does this mean all of Japan is going to turn into nuclear fire? O.o

  3. Basically it means that Japan is now in a state where the radiation from fukushima is leaking out, luckily the reactor didnt explode so the contamination should be more localized than chernobyl, however the half life of ionized uranium is 50 years, it takes 10 half lifes for it to be stable enough for things to live near it..
    so in 500 years chernobyl will be able to sustain life again.. well parts of chernobyl.. some of it will take allot longer.

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  5. i really hope things turn better for them over there.


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