Friday, March 25, 2011

Ever wonder how they photoshop a galaxy?

This video is a timelapse photo of NGC-3982 A spiral galaxy in ursa major located nearly 70 million light years away.

Now you may think its cheating, having them photoshop color in, but remember, human eyes are weak and feeble, only able too see things in our so called "Visible spectrum" butterflies can see much further into the "Ultra violet spectrum" than we can even comprehend.

Hubble can see Further into Ultra violet and further into infra-red than we can because it takes in pure white light, unfortunately this means that the images come out in black and white because it can't selectively add color too the visible spectrum.

The image in this video is made up of 9 composite images taken across three of hubbles cameras.

There are three types of coloring they use..
It can be either

Representative is false color to highlight certain elements
Natural is too show what it would look like if we where there
and Enhanced is in false color too highlight elements that would be invisible in the other two.

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  1. awesome video ..I absolutely LOVE space.. so thanks for this posting!!!


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