Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fukushima update.

So apparently the report that radiation levels where 10 MILLION times above the acceptable level.. Well this was unfortunately a miscommunication error and new tests are being taken to confirm levels, however two employees where sent to hospital yesterday after stepping in a puddle that was well over 10,000 times and subsequently received severe beta radiation burns.

They should be released next Monday based on how well treatment is going though..

Sure 10 MILLION times is highly unbelievable, but if a puddle is at 10,000 times then shit..

on related news those of you in Boston look out for the rain as it has been tainted with "non lethal" doses of iodine from the Fukushima meltdowns fallout.'s Iodine story

Lets hope this mess gets cleaned up soon.. and thank the hard workers at the plant that made this catastrophe considerably less bad than it could have been, anyone remember Chernobyl??? well that is what this could have been if it hadn't been for the hard workers who worked through an earthquake and a tsunami stop it from happening.


  1. Yeah, but it's said that clean up could take a couple of months, maybe more..

  2. Clean up will take a very very long time.. But we need to not let this get blown out of proportion.
    As with every tragedy things can only get worse by being blown out of proportion.


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