Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kepler's Supernova

I took this off my old blog because its still relevant and fascinating.

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So lets start with that.

Kepler's supernova,
The most recently known supernova in the milky way, the image above is that of the supernova remnant, a cloud of dust that is the entire contents of the once mighty star, ejected into space so that it may cool and reform into a new star.
Supernovae remnants are almost synonymous with nebula although believed to have a different origin, they have the same effect, a remnant/nebula is a stellar nursery, where new stars shall be born.

Then I moved on to my favorite nebula, remnants always make me think of nebula and so I move onto the crab nebula, which is in fact, also a remnant of a supernova. The crab nebula is interesting in the fact that we have accounts of the actual supernova.
The supernova for the crab nebula happened not too long ago in relative time.. It happened in the year 1054, it is recorded as being bright enough to see during the daytime, and outshining every star at night, for 23 days and being visible in the night sky for a further 653 days. This supernova remnant now contains a pulsar, a huge radio source

This is a picture of the crab nebula with the picture from the hubble telescope in red and an xray image in blue.

this pulsar has a proposed planetary companion, not yet proven however it appears when the light is filtered that there is a faint point of light close to the flashing pulsar..


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  1. Cool pictures man! fascinating indeed!

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  4. unfortunatly for these two pictures there is no larger picture.
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