Friday, March 18, 2011


So its Saturday, lets do some fun science today..

My favorite age old question, Belly button lint!

So first off, why do we get belly button lint?

Well you see Belly button lint is fibers collected from your tshirt boxers even pants, all depending on how hairy you are, now most people understand that Hairy chest = Belly button lint, however this is because pubic hair (no pubic hair is not just crotch hair, it is all hair that you grow after you hit puberty hence pubic hair) has a rougher texture which rubs off fibers from your clothes, the static electricity makes them stick together. WOAH HOLD ON I hear you cry, where did the static electricity come from?? Well it comes from rubbing fabric against hair, simple!

Now the reason it builds up in the navel is that it is the only crevice on your body that can physically hold lint, unless you are extremely hairy in which case the static electricity can cause lint to build up nearly anywhere.

Now why is it blue?
This is the easy part, what type of shirt are you wearing? Black, blue, navy??
Well thats an easy explanation, but what if you are wearing a red shirt or a green shirt?? Well it still usually comes out blue and thats because, most dyes are based heavily on blue or black to get the right color.
Sometimes however the dye is not based on blue, and in that case you get different color lint!

Thanks for tuning in too fun science day!


  1. I've always wondered about the blue part. I still think it's magic though.

  2. I wish it was magic, but no.. Im still trying to discover magic in my scientific journey, but so far everything has an explanation


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