Sunday, March 27, 2011

Planetary bodies

A new theory released recently suggests that planets may form similarly to how stars form.. In great dust clouds.

This theory is the first step in explaining why neptunian style planets can be found as close to their star half the earths distance from the sun.

The new theory suggests that planets are formed elsewhere and then pulled in by a stars gravity, at which point the star strips off the excess gas and reveals the planets..

I personally do not think this that plausible as I believe like many that stars and their planets are formed together.. However we shall wait and see.

A scientist never loves anything more than they love being wrong, because being wrong and knowing it means you are one step closer too the truth.

If you wish too read the full article it can be found here


  1. Didn't you know that god made the stars and planets and that they dont just form on thier own? haha, I'm j/k, good article :)

  2. Space is so fascinating.. so much to learn about it as well

  3. we have to focus more on learning about earth and slow down on space exploration. We know more about space than where we live. I think thats backwards. anyways I like this
    add my bro, hes new to blogging

  4. As Sir Neil DeGrass Tyson always says, if you spend all your time looking down, you will miss the meteorite that crushes civilization.

    I think the way things have gone we have destroyed our planet, set it on a course for decimation, if we leave now the ecosystem will recover and in not long (space time) we can return to earth and rehabitate the home land.

    Im not anti doing things too benefit our home planet, but I think our main focus should be getting us too and colonizing extraterra bodies


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